|| Our Goal ||

We would like to give back to the Cardano Community, so we focus on the translation of documents/guides/articles and any useful documentation for current and future stake pool operators. We recently applied to become a Cardano Ambassador, as a translator. Our objective is to expose some of the technical side of Cardano and ₳da to Spanish-speakers. We are more than just a stake pool, adding value to the community is our top priority. We strongly believe that by adding value to the Cardano Community, the community will then add value to the ADA token.
We previously translated a guide on how to set up a Cardano stake pool on the testnet, as well as a translation of a guide for mainnet. Our most recent translation is a guide for installing Cardano-node/cli on a Raspberry Pi. Here you can find the translations we have done thus far. We are passionate about spreading the knowledge Cardano has to offer. If you wish to support us, just delegate to us!
We look forward to sharing our translations with the Cardano Community. And to building a decentralized ecosystem with Cardano and the stake pools. No matter which pool you choose, you are helping decentralize the ecosystem. Be part of the crypto revolution!

Fixed Fee (minimum)
340 ₳

This is the minimum amount stake pool operators are allowed to charge for the operational expenses of running a pool. The cost is distributed among all delegates in the pool.

Variable Fee
3.0 %

These are the fees that the stake pool will charge after each epoch. Each epoch lasts five days. This percentage is applied to the total number of rewards on the pool.

130,000 ₳

This is the minimum amount of ADA that will always be in the pool. Stake (contributions from delegates) plays a more important roll than pledge when it comes to producing blocks.

About the pool

Inspired by a famous video game franchise, The Legend of ₳da is ready to witness history being made.
Welcome to the crypto revolution.

  • Decentralized Ecosystem

    Operating the stake pool from home, fighting centralization.

  • Eco-friendly Pool

    Running on a Raspberry Pi means it consumes about 5 Watts of electricity.

  • Technical Skills

    The Legend of ₳da participated on the different testnets leading to Shelley, getting experience as a stake pool operator.

  • Reliable Internet Connection

    With internet speed of up to 1000Mb/s and servers running 24/7/365, you will just need to delegate your ₳da and let it grow without worrying about it.

  • Passion

    The Legend of ₳da is determined on becoming one of the best Cardano stake pools. We love what we do, it's more than just a job.

  • Updates

    We are committed to be as transparent as possible with our delegates, frequently notifying them about the pool status and updates.

We are in daedalus, yoroi, and adalite wallets

|| Be part of the crypto revolution |
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